Prospect, CT

Prospect, CT was incorporated as a town in 1827 from the South Farms part of Waterbury and the West Rocks part of Cheshire. Prospect is an exurban town, with residents often traveling to other major cities and employment centers across the state. Located at the highest elevation in New Haven County, the town is named for the views it provides.

Prospect, CT is known locally as being "The Best Small Town in Connecticut," with the phrase posted on the town's trucks and website. The name originates from an early 1990s article in Connecticut Magazine which ranked Prospect as the worst small town in the entire state. The measurement was done based on its school system, economy, cost of living, crime rate, and cultural resources. In response to this, the town's long-time mayor Robert Chatfield, removed the magazine from the library, declared Prospect "The Best Small Town in Connecticut," and ordered it placed on town vehicles and bumper stickers.

Places to Visit:

  • Prospect Golf
  • Caplan Field
  • Hotchkiss Field
  • Prospect Historical Society
  • Rollin' Jaxx Stables


    Prospect, CT has a humid subtropical climate, with four distinct seasons. During the summer months, temperatures tend to remain in the 70s and 80s, while winters are usually cold, with temperatures falling into the 20s and 30s. The spring and fall provide milder temperatures in between. Precipitation is spread fairly evenly throughout the year, with the most precipitation occurring in August and September. Snowfall usually begins in November and continues through March. Prospect also experiences occasional thunderstorms during its warmer months.


    Prospect is well connected to Connecticut's wider transportation network. Route 69 and Route 68 intersect near the town centre, which provide town residents access to New Haven, Waterbury, and Union City. In close proximity to the Waterbury-Prospect line are entrances to I-84, and close to the Cheshire-Prospect border are entrances to I-691.

    There are no bus routes within the town, but Bus Routes 431 and 428 of the Greater Waterbury Bus System have stops located just north of the Waterbury-Prospect on East Mountain off Route 69, and on Scott Road near the intersection with Austin Road.