Our Property Management services have been tried and tested across a wide range of properties. We offer all the benefits of a large company - timely repairs, 24/7 emergency call center and a wide variety of rentals to choose from - but when it comes to personal relationships, we're a small company. We really get to know you and what you want. It's no wonder we have so many renters coming back year after year.

Below is a list of the most frequent asked questions from residents and prospects, please call the office if you have any other questions:

Our office is open Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

The office will be closed on the days listed below. Please keep in mind that these are not necessarily the actual holidays but the days the company observes the holiday. If the holiday is not listed below, the office will not be closed for that holiday.

  • New Year's Day
  • Presidents' Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day Observed
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day

Check our available listing by clicking here. There you can find detail information and pictures for all our available units. If you have any questions, please contact the office at 203-562-7368.
You can apply in person by coming to our office or online by clicking here. Online applications are for one person only so multiple applicants must fill up separate applications.
The rent is due on the 1st day of every month. The rent is due every month even though we do not send bills for the rent or a notice that it is due.

The rent can be paid in person by coming to our office during business hours. The rent can be paid by money order or checks. WE DO NOT ACCEPT CASH PAYMENT.

After business hour, you can leave the payment in our mailbox by the gate, please place the payment in an envelope with your name and your address in the outside of the envelope.
Payments can be made by mailing a check or money order made out to Prime Management LLC and send to 560 Orchard St, New Haven, CT 06511. All mail must be post marked by the 10th of the month to avoid any late fees.
We provide online accounts to all our tenants. Payments with banking information are for free. Payments with debit card or credit card are subject to a convenience fee.

For first time users, please email us at to set up the account.
Our tenants can deposit their rent directly into our bank account by visiting any Bank of America Location. Please call the office at 203-562-7368 to get the bank information.

First, we need you to send us an email asking to set up your account. Then we will send you the details instructions on how to create an account. We must have an email on file, if we do not have an email, you will not be able to set up an account.
If your account is locked or you have forgotten the password, please call or email the office to unlock the account.
A late fee of $50.00 is charged for each payment that is more than nine (9) days late.
There are no pets allowed without our written permission. Guests are not allowed to bring pets over.
The parking will depend on the unit. Condominiums normally have assign parking; the parking information will be provided with the lease sign.

Multiple family houses do not have assign parking. For those units, parking is first come first serve and is at the owner's risk.
A maintenance emergency is an issue that is dangerous, hazardous, or if not addressed immediately could cause damage to the property or your well-being (no heat, heavy leaks).

If the situation is considered a maintenance emergency, please call our office, then follow-up with a work order request. If the call is during non-business hours, call the office and press option 9.

In the case of a medical, fire, or other emergencies that could involve immediate hazard to you or someone near you, call your local emergency number or 911.

In case you smell gas, vacate the property immediately, call your corresponding gas provider, and finally call the office.
The company will not reimburse salt purchased by tenants or snow removal performed or paid by tenants to anyone. Please find your unit type below:

Our contractors are only responsible for snow removal from the front-walk and sidewalk. The snow will be removed after the snowfall stops. If you need to be somewhere, you need to make arrangements to shovel your vehicle out. As a courtesy, the contractors are removing snow from driveways but will not dig out individual vehicles this is the responsibility of the tenant. Please be respectful towards each other, clean up your own off-street parking spot and do not occupy one cleaned by your neighbors. As a reminder your lease states in page 2 article (G) that it is your responsibility to clear snow and ice from any exterior access to your unit.
Per your lease, you are responsible for the snow removal and salting of the property.
The condo association is responsible for the snow removal.

The included utilities will depend on the unit, please refer to the lease or the rental listing.
If your lease is expired, you must give us not less than 30-days writing a notice of intent to vacate. Failure to do so will result in payment of that months’ rent.
The deposit cannot be used to pay the rent. This is only be used to pay damages made to the apartment after you have moved out.
Please be aware that we have a greeting on our phone. If you do not wish to hear the greeting and extension options, press # after dialing.