North Haven, CT

In his will of 1714, the Reverend James Pierpont (1659–1714) of New Haven gave 8 acres  to his neighbors in the Northeast Parish, as North Haven was called, "provided those neighbors will set their meeting house there and do their training and burying there."

The first meeting house, completed in 1722, stood on the Green, west of what is now known as the Old Center Cemetery. About half of the original Pierpont gift remains today as the North Haven Green.

Today, North Haven is a small New England town with great retail establishments, restaurants, services, and schools such as the Quinnipiac University School of Health Sciences, the School of Nursing, School of Law, School of Education, and School of Medicine on Bassett Road.

Places to Visit:

  • Peter's Rock
  • Todd's Pond


    North Haven, CT has a humid continental climate that features four distinct seasons. Summers are hot and humid with temperatures in the 80's while winters can get cold, with temperatures dropping into the 20's. Spring and Fall bring moderate temperatures and plenty of rainfall throughout the year. There are occasional snowstorms in winter, but they rarely accumulate for more than a day or two. Overall, North Haven enjoys a pleasant climate that is great for outdoor activities year-round.


    North Haven has easy access to Interstate 91 and the Wilbur Cross Parkway (Route 15).