Cheshire, CT

Cheshire, Connecticut was first settled in 1694 as part of Wallingford, Connecticut. It was then known as New Cheshire Parish. After many attempts to secure their independence from Wallingford, New Cheshire Parish was granted secession and later incorporated as a town in May 1780 as Cheshire. The name is a transfer from Cheshire, in England.

Today, Cheshire is ranked as one of the best places to live in Connecticut, this quaint New England town prides themselves as being “The Bedding Capital of Connecticut.” With a population of over 29,000, Cheshire residents remain active in the agriculture community. Several farms are spread throughout the 33 square miles of land, offering residents and guests’ seasonal activities to enjoy. Cheshire’s rich history can be discovered at the Hitchcock-Phillips House museum, built in 1785. Here you can take a tour through this historical colonial home to experience what life looked like in the 18th century and learn quite a bit about the heritage of Cheshire.  The town also offers dozens of fine dining and casual restaurants, small shops, parks and playgrounds. The Barker Character Comic & Cartoon Museum, which opened in 1997, houses a collection of 80,000 antique toys and collectibles for residents and tourists to enjoy.


Places to Visit:

  • Barker Character Comic and Cartoon Museum
  • Drazen Orchards
  • Hitchcock-Phillips House Museum
  • Roaring Brook Park


    Cheshire, CT has a temperate climate that is typical of New England. The summers are warm with temperatures ranging from the mid-70s to the low 90s Fahrenheit and an average humidity of around 80%. In the colder months, temperatures can dip to below freezing. Snowfall in winter can range from light dustings of snow to heavy snowstorms. Spring and fall in Cheshire are generally mild and pleasant, with temperatures typically ranging between 40°F and 70°F. No matter what season you visit Cheshire, CT, it's important to bring appropriate clothing for the weather conditions.


    Transportation within Cheshire is largely by car. Interstate 691 skirts the northern edge of the town. Interstate 84 passes through the northwest part of the town. The main north–south artery is Connecticut Route 10, a difficult passage that is busy, sometimes congested, and includes many stoplights. There are two east–west routes: Route 42 and Route 68/Route 70. Route 10 is by far the busiest road in Cheshire, with the worst Route 10 traffic occurring between Routes 68/70 and Route 42 every weekday during the morning commute, evening commute, and after the high school gets out at 2 pm. West Main Street and Main Street, Route 68/70 between Route 10 and Waterbury Road, is the next busiest road in town. The intersection of Route 10 and Route 68/70 is the busiest intersection in town. The second busiest intersection is the Cheshire High School and Route 10 intersection right before school starts and right after school ends.

    The 229 line of Connecticut Transit New Haven which runs from Waterbury to New Haven travels through Cheshire on Routes 70 and 10. A commuter express bus also runs from the commuter lot near Interstate 84 to Hartford.